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Yes, I know. Sadly most travel sites are on the dull side. This is why we created ours to fill you in on our adventures while Criss-Crossing the USA.
Europe and Asia are probably cool to visit, but why bother when there’s more than enough to see and experience stateside?
Brace yourself because our quirkiness and randomness turn a simple coffee run into a full-blown adventure with many twists and turns.
Enjoy reading out stories. Plus, put it to good use our experiences.

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Who Is Behind This Site?

Ava 1

Hi, I’m Ava, and I’m a traveling addict. I always wanted to see the states since it has so many hidden gems. Now thanks to this blog and my partner in crime (I mean travel), I can fulfill my dream. Best of all, dear reader, you will ride with me and enjoy everything firsthand. Don’t even get me started about food. I love to taste all different menus, from traditional to exotic and detailing them is my specialty.

Hi, I’m James. I’m an experience junky. What you need to know about me is that I can’t sit still for too long. I love to be on the road and go on adventures like hiking, biking, trekking and kayaking, to name a few. Before planning our next great trip, I like to kick back and enjoy some craft beer. We’re the perfect couple with Ava; we always agree on everything and never quarrel, isn’t that right, honey? The truth always leaks into our articles for your entertainment.