The 9 Best Beaches Naples Florida With Hidden Gems Included


Welcome to my unofficial guide to the Best Beaches in Naples Florida!

After spending the last few weeks in Naples FL with my boyfriend we have visited every beach in the area and played the roles of an undercover agent to bring you the very best beaches to visit, meanwhile I forgot to pack the sunscreen more than once and I will probably never hear the end of it from my red-as-a-crab boyfriend… 


Finding the perfect beach while in Naples FL comes down to two things your willingness to drive and your preferences. As soon as you know these it will be easy to pick on from the list below.

You see we are wanderers of our amazing USA. By dumb luck this is how I’ve met my boyfriend and ever since then we have been wandering together. Besides traveling we blog about our experiences so people like you get the best of the best there is.

I’m ranking the top 9 beaches in Naples FL on available parking, sand type, cleanliness, water and overall look and feel.

No matter what kind of beach you want to try we have gathered the very best for you. From the most secluded to the most popular you will find it below.

Let me see them already!




#1 Naples Pier Beach – The Best Naples Public Beach

My favorite beach is the Naples Pier. I love going there to watch the dolphins and the sunsets. The sand is so soft and the water is crystal clear. My boyfriend and I went there one day and we saw a dolphin breach the water.

It was so amazing! We also loved the pier. It’s so beautiful and unique. We also enjoyed the beach volleyball and the farmer’s market.

Since it’s so popular get ready to “enjoy the crowd”. This beach gets filled very fast. I mean if you want to find a decent parking space you need to get there early.

Plus during the afternoon many people arrive to watch the sunset from the pier. Plus you can fish without a license. All in all it’s a great beach with many extras if you don’t mind the crowd.

Here’s why it’s my #1 pick:

  • You can see dolphins up close
  • The beach is beautiful and has a lot of room
  • Sunset photographs are amazing
  • You can get gelato on your walkout to the end of the pier!
  • If you get hungry there are plenty of places to eat on the pier, including a fresh fish restaurant
  • You can also go kayaking and paddleboarding at this beach

Address: 25 12th Ave S, Naples

#2 Lowdermilk Park – The Least Crowded Beach in Naples Florida

As we drove down the long, winding road that led to Lowdermilk Park, I couldn’t help but feel excited. This would be our first time visiting the beach, and we had heard nothing but good things about it.

As we finally arrived, I was struck by how beautiful it was. The white sand and clear blue waters were everything I had hoped for and more.

After finding a parking spot, we made our way to the beach where I found a spot to sit and relax. We couldn’t believe how quiet it was, even though there were quite a few people around.

Before long, the sun began to set, and I was treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. As I sat there, watching the colors change in the sky, we felt thankful for this special moment.

Eventually, it began to get dark, and we knew it was time to head back home.

This is why you should check out this beach:

  • Lowdermilk Park is a great place to go because it’s not as crowded as most beaches in Naples, Florida.
  • It has a well-controlled atmosphere, so it’s perfect for a romantic sunset walk.
  • The sand is wonderful and there’s no litter anywhere.
  • It’s easy to find a parking spot, and the beach has gorgeous sunsets.
  • They also have a wide range of food options and clean restrooms.

Address: 1301 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Naples

#3 Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Since it’s a beach town there are quite a lot of beaches. So the next one on our list was Delnor-Wiggins pass state park. Yes it has a beach as well and so much more.

As soon as we arrived, I could tell that this was different. The sand was whiter, the water was clearer, and there were so many picnic areas! We spent the whole day there, grilling out and playing in the waves. And I finally understood what all the fuss was about. Now, Delnor-Wiggins is our go-to beach whenever we visit Naples.

This is why it has made it on my list:

  • The beach is beautiful and there are many picnic areas with grills, which makes it ideal for a day at the beach.
  • This will become our regular beach excursion.
  • I loved the amazing white sand beach
  • Parking isn’t that bad at $6/hour and you will find decent spots

Address: 11135 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples

#3 Barefoot Beach County Preserve

On one of our previous visits to Naples FL were looking for the best beach to spend our last day. We had heard great things about Barefoot Beach County Preserve, so we decided to check it out.

We were not disappointed! The beach was absolutely beautiful, and the nature preserve was a perfect addition. We loved the fact that we could still feel like we were in Florida, even with all of the development around us.

We made our way to the end of the beach, where Doc’s Beach Bar & Grill was located. We ordered some drinks and food and enjoyed the last few hours of our paradise.

This is why you should check out this beach:

  • The beach is a great place to go to because it is long and beautiful with plenty of large houses and condominium buildings to chec.
  • There is also a barefoot beach nature preserve that appears and feels like Florida before all the development.
  • You’ll have to pay for parking at barefoot Beach or the adjacent county lot.
  • There are restrooms and showers available.
  • The sand is white and packed with shells.
  • It may get crowded at the end of the day in season, so arrive early to find a great spot

Address: 505 Barefoot Beach Blvd, Bonita Springs Florida

#4 Naples Beach – Best Naples Public Beach

I love Naples Beach. It’s one of our favorite places to go and relax. The white sand and pristine waters are so beautiful, and it’s always so peaceful there. It’s the top pick for many travelers.

I remember one time when the last time we went there. We arrived early in the morning and set up our towels and umbrellas on the sand.

Then we went for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. The water was so warm and refreshing. Afterward, we spent the day lounging on the beach, reading books and chatting. It was the perfect day.

I always feel so lucky that I visit such a beautiful place. Every time we go to Naples Beach, we fall in love with it all over again.

This is why you should check out this beach:

  • The beach has a great view of the sunset.
  • The sand is white and smooth.
  • There are several surveillance cameras if security is top priority for you.
  • The people on the beach are polite and kind.
  • The location is lovely and relaxing.

#5 Clam Pass Park

The first time we set foot on Clam Pass Park’s beach, we were in awe. The sparkling blue water and white sand were so beautiful, and the lush jungle surroundings were simply majestic. I couldn’t believe that I had found such a hidden gem in Naples, Florida.

We love visiting Clam Pass Park because it feels like our own personal oasis. Even though it can get crowded, we always find a spot to relax and enjoy the stunning views. And there’s nothing better than taking a dip in the crystal-clear water to cool off on a hot day.

I’ll never forget the first time we saw dolphins swimming near the shore. It was such an incredible sight! I always keep my eye out for them now whenever I visit Clam Pass Park.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking beach to relax on, then Clam Pass Park is definitely the place for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s why you should check out this beach:

  • The scenery is beautiful and the water quality is great.
  • The walk from the jungle to the beach is 16 minutes and well worth it.
  • The beach is breathtaking, both in terms of scenery and water quality.
  • If you want to get some sunlight hit this beach you won’t be sorry.
  • Wild dolphins swim near you in the water.
  • Onsite restaurants, bars, and restrooms are all fantastic amenities.
  • The atmosphere is family-friendly!

Address: 465 Seagate Dr, Naples

#6 Tigertail Beach

We had a big fight the night before so I decided to check out this beach alone.

I awoke early one morning, before the sun had even peeked over the horizon. I knew that this was my chance; I had to get to the beach before all the hoards of tourists descended.

As I drove down the long stretch of highway, I could see the sun starting to light up the sky. The waves were crashing against the shore, and I could see the sand glistening in the distance.

I pulled into the parking lot and grabbed my beach chair and towel. I walked down the path to the beach, admiring all the shells and driftwood along the way.

As I reached the shore, I could feel the sand giving way under my feet. The water was cool and refreshing, and I couldn’t help but smile.

I sat down in my chair and watched as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. The colors were breathtaking, and I knew that this was going to be a perfect day.

This is why you should check out this beach:

  • The beach has a great view and it is a great place to relax
  • The restrooms are always clean
  • There is a playground for kids
  • There is also a picnic area with a grill where everyone can use
  • A walking path that leads south of the island

#7 Keewaydin Island Beach

It was a beautiful day as we made our way to the beach. I had always wanted to visit Keewaydin Island, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

As we arrived, we were amazed at how pristine it was. I couldn’t believe that such a place existed right here in Naples. We wandered around, taking in the sights and sounds of the island. I felt like I was in a different world entirely.

The only other people on the island were a few fishermen, and they seemed to be in their own world as well.

We spent the day exploring the island, and it was truly an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of this hidden gem.

This is why you should check out this beach:

  • The beach is great for shell picking
  • The island has a natural environment that is lovely
  • If you want to see crabs it’s the perfect place to see them
  • It’s great place to spend an afternoon
  • It’s a fantastic location to unwind over the holidays and enjoy some peace and quiet.

#8 Bonita Beach Park

The time we went to Bonita Beach Park, we had no idea what to expect. We were really excited to check out the beaches. The drive there was beautiful, and as soon as we got out of the car, we could smell the salty ocean air.

There were so many shells on the ground, and the sand was so soft and smooth. I walked over to the beachfront restaurant and got myself a cold drink. The view from the umbrella was incredible. I could see people jet skiing and paddle boarding out in the water, and I knew that I wanted to try it too.

We rented a jet ski from the nearby rental shop, and we had the time of my life. The waves were gentle and the water was so refreshing.

Great beach to visit and have some fun.

This is why you should check out this beach:

  • The name of the beach speaks for itself, it is a beautiful place and it has a lot of shells to discover
  • The sand is smooth and there are a lot of families with young children that should avoid the area
  • Water sports such as jet skiing can be done on the spur of the moment
  • On-site parking may be limited but if you are patient, you will find a spot
  • The beach is less crowded the further left you go
  • This is a great place to unwind and the waves are gentle

Address: 27954 Hickory Blvd, Bonita Springs Florida


Are Beaches In Naples Florida Open?

Yes the beaches in Naples Florida are Open 24/7. The parking is limited to mostly daylight hours. Since most bans were lifted there are no restrictions on the beaches.

What To Do In Naples Florida?

Here’s what you can do in Naples Florida:

  • Go shopping on 5th Avenue South
  • Enjoy fine dining on 3rd Street South
  • Visit the Naples Zoo
  • Explore the fine dining experience
  • Check out Naples Botanical Gardens
  • Watch the Sunset on Naples Pier
  • Go on a cruise

For my full list of things to do in Naples Florida check out my original post.

Conclusions on the best beaches in Naples Florida

Wow this was one fun trip. I’m glad that I’ve managed to drag my boyfriend out in the sun because he was as pale as a vampire. Not anymore :).

Anyways I hope you have enjoyed reading about these beaches because we had a blast trying them out. As you have seen there’s something for anyone in Naples Florida. There are busy beaches, secluded ones and family-friendly ones as well.

Now it’s your time to pick which suits your preferences best.

Maybe you can help me out? If you liked this article and you learned some valuable things please share it because it helps us a lot. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best beach to go to in Naples Florida?

By far the best beach to go to in Naples Florida is the Beach at Naples Pier. It has everything that you need from great food to an awesome view of the sunset. The beach itself is long and you can walk many miles on the soft sand.

Are there nice beaches in Naples Florida?

The nicest beaches in Naples Florida are:

  • Naples Pier
  • Lowdermilk Park
  • Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park
  • Barefoot Beach County Preserve
  • Naples Beach
  • Tigertail Beach

What is the most popular beach in Naples?

The most popular beach in Naples FL is Vanderbilt Beach.

Vanderbilt Beach is a beautiful white sand beach that is one of the most popular in Naples. Vanderbilt Beach, which is located near shops and restaurants at the end of Vanderbilt Drive in North Naples, is accessible via several parking lots. Beachgoers like going for walks, shell hunting, and birdwatching before breakfast.

Which beach is better Marco Island or Naples?

Both Marco Island and Naples have great beaches. However Marco Island is less crowded and Naples has clearer waters than Marco. You can’t go wrong with either of them so it comes down to preference.

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