The 7 Best Coffee Shops Naples Florida with Hidden Gems Included


Welcome to my unofficial guide to Best Coffee Shops Naples Florida!

After spending the last couple of weeks in Naples FL with my boyfriend we wanted to test out the very best coffee shops in the area, well to make the long story short we had way more coffee than a cardiologist should ever know about and finally I’m ready to reveal which are the best.


Finding the perfect coffee shop in Naples FL comes down to three things, the distance you’re willing to go, the type of coffee you want and in what scenery you want to enjoy. Once you know these it will be super easy to pick one from the list below.

You see besides being big coffee fans (addicts would be the right term) we are wanderers. We have been wandering through the US and blogging about our experiences to make to make choices and life easier for you.

So no matter which coffee shop you end up going to you will have a great coffee experience only the best of the best are listed below.

Let me see them already!




#1 Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery – Best Coffee Shop Naples Florida

As we walked into Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery, we were instantly greeted by the friendly staff. We had been there before, but this time was different. We were there to meet some friends of ours for a quick catch-up.

We found a seat in the back, where we could relax and enjoy our coffee. I ordered an iced caramel Macchiato and waited for the menu while our friends told me about their trip.

It was wonderful to sit there and listen to them talk, knowing that I could give them my full attention. The coffee was delicious, and the atmosphere was perfect for a chat.

This is why Kunjani Craft Coffee is #1 on my list:

  • Kunjani is a charming little coffee shop that is the ideal spot to spend some quality time.
  • They offer many options for both coffee and food
  • The coffee is consistently delicious, and the food is perfect for a fast nibble while drinking/tea.
  • Personnel are incredibly pleasant and approachable.
  • Dogs are welcome!

Address: 780 Seagate Dr, Naples Florida

#2 Bad Ass Coffee – Best Coffee Shop Near Me

We continued our quest for great coffee in Naples. This next shop is for those who want something more than just that same old, same old black coffee.

I found it by doing a bit of online research and Bad Ass Coffee popped up. It sounded perfect, and it was! The coffee was delicious, the food was great, and the atmosphere was perfect. We really enjoyed just sitting in the shop and relaxing with my coffee.

I was tired of certain standard coffee places (you know it has a star in the beginning), so it was great to find this cafe with a wide selection of choices. Both my boyfriend and I loved our coffee.

Here’s why it’s one of the top coffee shops in the area:

  • The coffee is great and there’s a lot of variety to choose from
  • The staff is friendly and helpful
  • The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable
  • It’s a great place to hang out with friends or relax by yourself
  • The location is convenient and easy to find
  • There’s a lot of seating available both inside and outside
  • The prices are reasonable

 Address: 1307 3rd St S, Naples Florida

#3 The Brick Coffee & Bar

I love spending time at The Brick Coffee & Bar. It’s our go-to spot when we need to get away from the hustle and bustle of Naples.

The staff is incredibly friendly and always willing to help, and the food is delicious. I’ve tried pretty much everything on the menu and haven’t been disappointed.

My favorite thing about The Brick is the atmosphere. It’s cozy and inviting, and it feels like a second home. I’ve made some great memories there with friends and family, and I know I’ll continue to do so for years to come.

Here’s why it’s one of the top coffee shops in the area:

  • The coffee is delicious and they have a great variety of coffee drinks to choose from.
  • The staff is friendly and helpful.
  • The food is excellent.
  • It’s a great place to stop for a bite to eat.
  • Excellent paninis and salads
  • It’s the only place to get a cup of coffee on 5th Avenue late at night

Address: 531 5th Ave S, Naples Florida

#4 Divine Naples Coffee & Wine

You can’t leave Naples without going to Divine. To tell you the truth they are not exaggerating their coffee is divine.

We walked into the coffee shop and were immediately greeted by the smell of fresh coffee.

We were welcomed by the owner, who we got to talking with. We chatted about the weather, our families, and all the different places we’ve been to. It was a great conversation. I then decided to try the coffee, and it was amazing. The best I’ve had in a long time.

Here’s why it’s one of the top coffee shops in the area:

  • The coffee is made fresh every day
  • There’s a great variety of food and drinks on the menu
  • The staff are friendly and want to talk to customers
  • The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable
  • There’s plenty of space for people to work or socialize

Address: 851 4th Ave S, Naples Florida

#5 Fifth Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner

What goes great with an excellent coffee? Well some great food of course. You will be in for a treat in this diner.

We love Fifth Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner! It’s one of my favorite spots in Naples.

The Philly cheesesteaks and chicken are my absolute favorite items on the menu, but the tuna salad is also a personal favorite of mine.

The coffee is always delicious, and I really enjoy the atmosphere here. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing breakfast or lunch. I always feel at peace when I’m here.

Here’s why it’s one of the top coffee shops in the area:

  • The coffee is always great
  • They have a variety of food to choose from
  • The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing
  • It’s a great place to meet up with friends or colleagues
  • The prices are reasonable

Address: 599 5th Ave S, Naples Florida

#6 Grain de Cafe

We walked into the café, and our stomachs were growling in anticipation.

We had been looking forward to this all day. I ordered my usual, a latte and a croissant, and took a seat by the window. My boyfriend went with a straight black coffee and a hardy breakfast.

As I sipped my coffee and nibbled on my croissant, I watched the people out on the street. I love people-watching. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

Soon, our stomachs were full, but we didn’t want to move. We just wanted to sit there all day and watch the world go by.

But eventually, we had to get up and go. We said goodbye to the charming café and went on our way.

Here’s why it’s one of the top coffee shops in the area:

  • The coffee is excellent
  • The staff is attentive and pleasant
  • There are many delicious pastries to choose from
  • The breakfast sandwiches and quiches are also yummy
  • The atmosphere is charming and inviting
  • There is outside seating for guests to relax in when the weather is nice

Address: 8803 Tamiami Trl N, Naples Florida

#7 Narrative Coffee Roasters – Best Coffee Shop North Naples Florida

We walked into the coffee shop and were immediately greeted by the barista. She asked us our preferences and we told her that we were feeling adventurous today. She recommended the pour-over coffee and we decided to give it a try.

As we watched the barista carefully measure and grind the beans, I couldn’t help but feel excited about trying something new. She carefully poured the hot water over the coffee grounds and I watched as the aroma filled the room.

We took a sip of the coffee and were blown away by the flavor. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before and I immediately knew that this would be on the top list.

Here’s why it’s one of the top coffee shops in the area:

  • The coffee is consistently great
  • They pay close attention to detail, from the preparation of cocktails to the coffee itself
  • The atmosphere is bright, modern, and tranquil
  • It’s a fantastic addition to the Mercato
  • They provide great drip coffee and pour-over coffees!
  • These people are real coffee artisans!

Address: 9106 Strada Pl #4105 Mercato Shopping Plaza, Naples Florida

Which are the best Coffee Shops Immokalee Rd?

The best Coffee Shop Immokalee Rd are:

  • Coffee Bar
  • Dunkin’
  • Starbucks

Which are the best Coffee Shops Bonita Springs?

The best coffee shops in Bonita Springs are:

  • Downtown Coffee and Wine Company
  • Survey Cafe
  • The Cafe at Bonita Beach
  • Vichino’s Cafe & Wine Bar
  • Hello Coffee

Conclusions on Best Coffee Shops Naples Florida

Oh look at the time and my coffee mug is empty. This means that it’s time to wrap up this review. I hope you have already found the perfect cafe to taste some delicious and unique coffee.

As promised we have selected only the best of the best coffee shops and while visiting them we tried to find something unique about them.

Maybe you can help me out? If you liked this article and you learned some valuable things please share it because it helps us a lot. Thank You!

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