The 7 Best Walking Trails Naples Florida with Hidden Gems Included


Welcome to my unofficial guide to Best Walking Trails Naples Florida!

After spending the last weeks in Naples Florida we hit the most popular trails in the area to give you exactly which are worth your time; meanwhile I forgot to pack the bug-repellent more than once and my boyfriend was fuming over it and didn’t want to let it go…


Finding the right walking trail for your liking comes down to three things, your preferences, what you want to do there and how long you want to stay. As soon as you know these it will be easy to pick the right trail from the list below.

You see we’re a couple who is traveling and wandering through the USA. Plus we tend to blog about our experiences so that you will know exactly which places are worth visiting and which to stay away from.

I’m ranking these walking trails based on crowdedness, things to do, things to see and of course the view.

So no matter what you’re looking for it’s on the list below. Pick any walking trail and you can rest assured that it will be a fun-packed adventure.

Let me see them already!




#1 Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Naples

It’s a great way to recharge your batteries!

Our first trail was this one because everyone was raving about it.

We love nature. And there’s something about the beauty of the outdoors that just speaks to your soul. Besides enjoying the outdoors we’re also getting some exercise. That’s a winning combination in my book!

So when we found out about Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, I knew that we had to check it out. And I’m so glad I did!

As we walked along the boardwalk at the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, we felt a sense of peace fall over me. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, and I felt myself relax for the first time in what felt like weeks.

We’ve been traveling almost non-stop and blogging and it showed.

The lady who checked us in was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant.

We saw a lot of gators with the help of Ranger! It’s a secluded park, and the boardwalk is fantastic and accessible. A lovely stroll through time with sightings of egrets, ibis, woodpeckers, wood storks, hawks, black vultures, deer, and even an alligator.

Here’s why I highly recommend going on this trail:

  • The Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a fantastic place with knowledgeable and pleasant staff.
  • The park is secluded and has a great boardwalk.
  • There is a lot of fascinating information about early Florida conservationists and how they influenced environmentalism.
  • The walk is a lovely stroll through time with sightings of egrets, ibis, woodpeckers, wood storks, hawks, black vultures, deer, and even an alligator.
  • We actually saw a family of raccoons which was delightful to see.
  • Take your time when trekking along the trail; take it slow, enjoy the wildlife because it’s mother nature’s piece of art

#2 Gordon River Greenway Park Naples Florida

As we walked these trails, we felt so peaceful and relaxed. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the breeze was blowing. It was the perfect day for a walk in nature.

I had never been in this park before but I was quickly falling in love with it. The Gordon River Greenway was the perfect place to explore this beautiful city. The park was well-maintained, with a mix of paved and unpaved trails. It was the perfect place for a relaxing walk or run.

We saw rabbits and squirrels.

It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature. This park is a true gem of Naples Florida.

This is why you should take this trail:

  • The Gordon River Greenway is a great place for runners and hikers!
  • The trail is well-maintained and has a variety of spots to enjoy.
  • You can get up close and personal with nature along the unpaved trails.
  • The park is great for families, as it has a playground and plenty of wildlife to enjoy.
  • It’s an excellent location to relax and appreciate the beauty of Florida.

#3 CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail Naples Florida

The CREW Bird Rookery Swamp is one of my favorite walks in Naples FL. I’m always amazed by the beauty of the animals I see here.

The last time we were walking along the trails we came across an alligator resting on the path. We quickly realized that we were in their territory, so we made sure to give them plenty of space. I couldn’t believe how big it was! It definitely made an impression on me.

We continued on my trek and we soon found me surrounded by a wide variety of birds and other animals. I was glad that I had brought my binoculars so that I could get a closer look at them. The cooler weather made it the perfect time to see the gators sunbathing early in the morning.

I was surprised to see some snakes along the trail, so I made sure to keep an eye out for them. I wouldn’t recommend bringing small children or dogs because there are no barriers to protect them other than you!

I had a great time exploring the 12-mile trail and discovering all of the different animals that call it home.

This is why you should take this trail:

  • The CREW Bird Rookery Swamp is a top pick of mine because during walking in the region you will see animals like alligators!
  • At a further distance, there are a lot of birds and other animals to observe. Keep in mind to pack your binoculars if you want to have a fantastic time.
  • It’s a birdwatcher’s paradise because there are so many species here
  • This 12-mile path has much to offer anybody who wants to explore it. With a wide range of habitats comes a rich diversity of animals to discover.
  • I recommend bringing food and water if you are on foot because it takes a long time to walk the whole trail.

#4 Barefoot Beach Preserve, Naples

Enough with the swamps let’s check out the beach!

I had always wanted to visit Barefoot Beach Preserve since I’d heard so much about it. It was one of the most beautiful beaches we had ever seen. The sand was white and the water was a crystalline blue. It was definitely worth the trip.

I wasn’t the only one who thought so. The beach was crowded with people, but it was still a wonderful experience. We walked for hours, taking in the amazing scenery. We even saw a few dolphins swimming in the distance.

It was a beautiful day, but it wasn’t meant to last. A storm began brewing and soon it was pouring rain. Who brings an umbrella to the beach? So we had no choice but to run for cover. The nearest shelter was a beach bar called Doc’s.

We ran inside and found that we weren’t the only ones who had taken refuge from the storm. There were dozens of people, all seeking shelter from the rain. We waited it out together, chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

This is why you should take this trail:

  • The Barefoot Beach Preserve is long enough not to be crowded, despite being a popular tourist site.
  • The beach has numerous large homes and condo complexes at the beginning, but it becomes more natural as you go along.
  • Parking at barefoot Beach or the adjacent county lot is required and costs money, but next door to that there’s Doc’s Beach Bar & Grill, where you may also enter the new beach preserve via the development right next door.
  • Just south of the beach, you can stop to gather shells.
  • The trail is short and easy, making it perfect for those who want a relaxing walk on the beach.
  • The beach is home to a wide variety of marine life, making it perfect for bird watching.

#5 Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Fort Myers

Last weekend, we decided to take a break from all the craziness and go explore some of the nature trails in Naples. I had heard great things about Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, so we packed up to check it out.

As soon as we arrived, I could tell that this was going to be a special place. The boardwalk was elevated, so it was easy for strollers if you have little ones. And there were so many shaded areas with benches, perfect for stopping to take in the view.

We walked for a while, taking in the sights and sounds of the preserve. We saw all sorts of animals, including gators, birds, and turtles. And we even spotted a few otters swimming in the distance.

It was such a peaceful and relaxing place. I’m so glad we decided to visit. It was great to reconnect with nature.

This is why you should take this trail:

  • The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.
  • There are many shaded viewing areas and resting spaces along the way.
  • The trail is open to people of all ages.
  • The preserve is home to a variety of wildlife, which you can spot with your binoculars.
  • Water and comfortable walking shoes are recommended because it’s hot and there’s a lot of ground to cover.
  • The trek is entertaining for the entire family.

6.Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Naples

¬†We love going to the beach, especially when it’s not too crowded.

I rolled down the window of my car and let the salty air fill my lungs. I closed my eyes and smiled, feeling the sun on my face. I had always loved going to the beach it’s the first place we explore when we get to a new place.

We drove down the road until we reached the park, then parked and got out. We followed the path down to the beach, admiring the scenery as we went.

The sand was cool and soft beneath our feet as we walked, and the sound of the waves was soothing. We kept on walking, taking it all in.

We eventually found a spot where I could sit and watch the waves. We sat there for hours, just watching and listening.

It was so peaceful there, and I felt really lucky to have found it.

The beach was lovely and the water was so clear. We spent hours just swimming and exploring. I even found some shells and sea glass that I treasure to this day.

I love how Naples has such beautiful beaches that are perfect for relaxing or exploring.

This is why you should take this trail:

  • The Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the beach.
  • The trail is relatively short, making it a perfect option for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend.
  • The beach has plenty of sea life and is a great place to spot dolphins.
  • The beach is beautiful and offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and exploring.
  • Dolphins have been known to visit the park often
  • There are several picnic tables at the park, most of which have charcoal barbecue stands
  • This is a State Park, so all restrictions apply; that’s what makes it safe and attractive!

#7 Fakahatchee Strand State Park, Copeland

Finally, we have reached the last trail on our list.

I was thrilled to be visiting the Fakahatchee Strand State Park in Copeland, Florida. I had heard so much about the park and was excited to see it for myself. As we went through the park, I was amazed at how beautiful it was. I saw all sorts of animals, including birds, fish, snakes, and insects. We even saw some alligators!

The Fakahatchee Hilton was a beautiful hunting camp that we stopped at for lunch. I was amazed at how many alligators were in the lake there. After lunch, we continued our trek through the park, seeing even more animals and flowers.

This was definitely one of the best walking trails in Naples, Florida. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great place to hike.

This is why you should take this trail:

  • The trails are well-maintained and provide great views of the wildlife in the park
  • There are a many trails to choose from, so you can find one that fits your skill level
  • The park is also home to a variety of plants and animals, making it a great place for nature lovers
  • The trails are a great way to get exercise and explore the beauty of the Florida landscape
  • There is plenty of parking available
  • The trails provide a variety of wildlife to view
  • Offers a glimpse into what Florida was like in the past
  • The drive is beautiful and a great way to spend an afternoon
  • There are plenty of pathways available for hikers of all levels
  • Packing a lunch and spending the day is recommended

Which are the best Walking Trails around Bonita Springs?

The best Walking Trails Bonita Springs around Bonita Springs are:

  • Cullum’s Trail Park
  • Bonita Nature Place
  • CREW Flint Pen Strand Trails
  • Orange Trailhead
  • Imperial River Preserve

Which are the best Bike Trails in Naples Florida?

The best Bike Trails in Naples Florida are:

  • Gordon River Greenway Park
  • Boca Grande Bike Path
  • John Yarbrough Linear Park Trail
  • North Colonial Linear Park
  • Pine Island Bike Path

Conclusions on Best Walking Trails Naples Florida

We have reached the end of this journey, but wait the adventure is not over just yet. As promised we did our best to visit the best parks and walking trails in the Naples FL area.

Maybe you like swamps, parks or the beach; no worries Naples has you covered 100%. These are all great parks to spend anything from a few hours today.

Plus you will get to enjoy mother nature’s beauty and get some exercise under your belt.

Maybe you can help us out? If you liked what you have read above then please share it. It would help out big time. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I hike in Naples FL?

Here’s a list of the top hiking places in Naples Fl:

  1. Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Naples
  2. Gordon River Greenway, Naples
  3. CREW Bird Rookery Swamp, Naples
  4. Barefoot Beach Preserve, Naples
  5. Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Fort Myers
  6. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Naples
  7. Fakahatchee Strand State Park, Copeland

Is Naples Fl a walkable city?

Naples Fl is not the most walkable city you can choose. It only has a walkable score of 35 (according to There aren’t many bike lanes either. The best places to walk in Naples would be Old Naples, Lake Park and Sun Terrace.

How long is the Greenway Naples FL?

Greenway Naples FL has 2.5 miles of trails that are either paved, mulch or boardwalk. It’s an excellent place if you want to do walking, jogging, biking or rollerblading.

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