The 9 Best Pizza in Naples Florida with Hidden Gems Included


Welcome to my unofficial guide to the Best Pizza in Naples Florida!

After spending the last few weeks in Naples FL with my girlfriend we wanted to find out what are the very best pizzerias in town, and boy we got our hands and mouth full; hopefully our fitness trainer won’t read it because we had more than he would ever approve (seriously he shouldn’t know about it…)


Finding the right pizza in Naples FL comes down to two things, how hungry you are (patient) and what kind of pizza you prefer. As soon as you know this it will be easy to find a place from the list below.

You see we are a wandering couple. We have been wandering through the USA and enjoying what our great country has to offer. Besides playing either a secret shopper or a tourist we tend to blog about our experiences to help you find the right places.

I’m ranking the top 9 pizza places in Naples Florida based on: pizza choices, speed, taste and of course price.

So no matter which one you pick from the list below you will enjoy a hot and tasty pizza. Only the best of the best were selected.

Let me see them already!



#1 La Trattoria – Best Italian Pizza In Naples Florida

Our new quest has started so we made a list of possibly the best pizzerias in town. The first stop was at La Trattoria.

We were so excited to try La Trattoria for pizza in Naples Florida. We wanted to try some of the best pizza that the city had to offer.

The pizza was authentic Italian and it was delicious! I mean I had my fair share of pizzas over the years and nothing comes close to this one.

It was simply delicious, and the service was excellent.

Here’s why La Trattoria is #1 on my list:

  • The restaurant has a great atmosphere that is perfect for Italian food and pizza.
  • The service was good and the food was excellent.
  • The pizza is 100% perfection and this restaurant is a great place to enjoy a masterpiece like this.
  • They even have truffle pizza

Address: 878 5th Ave S, Naples Florida

#2 NY Pizza And Pasta – Best New York Style Pizza In Naples, Florida

Not long ago we discovered NYPP and they make some amazing pizzas.

It is a small family-owned pizzeria in Naples, Florida that we had never heard of before.

The pizza was New York-style, and it was amazing. We loved the sauce, the cheese, and the crust. The pasta dishes were also great, and the salads were fresh and delicious.

The service was impeccable, and the owner was a friendly guy who obviously cared about his customers.

This is why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • NY Pizza And Pasta serves delicious New York-style pizza
  • The restaurant is family-owned and operated, and it shows in its commitment to customer service
  • They have an impressive salad bar with fresh ingredients and delicious dressings
  • Their steaks are also amazing, and much larger than your average pizza slice

Address: 11140 Tamiami Trail N, Naples Florida

#3 Leoni’s Pizzeria – Best Pizza In North Naples Florida

When we walked into the restaurant and we were immediately greeted by the hostess. She showed us to our table and we sat down, eagerly awaiting our meal.

I had heard great things about the restaurant and was excited to try their pizza. I was not disappointed.

The sauce was flavorful and the crust was perfect. The toppings were fresh and delicious.

I also sampled the wings and chicken Philly. The wings were some of the best I’ve ever had. The chicken Philly was also very good. Great place for pizza and other food.

This is why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • Yummy pizza that reminds me of the Connecticut style
  • The sauce is wonderful
  • The crust is lovely
  • The toppings are always excellent
  • The personnel was really courteous and professional

Address: 9503 Tamiami Trail N, Naples Florida

#4 Aurelio’s Pizza of Naples – Best Chicago Style Pizza Naples Florida

I can’t believe we finally got to try Aurelio’s Pizza of Naples! I’ve been telling to my girlfriend that this is one of the best pizza joints to try.

The pizza was just amazing. I grew up in the Chicago region and Aurelio’s was my favorite restaurant. I can say without a doubt, that Naples, Florida, has an Aurelio’s of its own.

The atmosphere is great for date night. The long bar and private booths give it a traditional feel. And there are plenty of tables for a large family or group.

I ordered the chicken wings and a pizza to start. The chicken wings were huge and came with a delicious sweet chili sauce. The pizza was also fantastic! It had a crispy, flakey crust and the perfect ratio of sauce and cheese. The toppings were just the right amount- not too light or too heavy.

And the rest is history…

This is why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • The pizza is delicious with the perfect sauce and cheese ratio
  • Plus the pizza has the perfect amount of toppings, not too light or heavy
  • The restaurant has a traditional atmosphere and is great for a date
  • Do check out the chicken wings while you’re there; no regrets

Address: Coastland Center Mall, 2048 Tamiami Trail N, Naples Florida

#5 Peppi’s Pizzeria – Best Thin Crust Pizza In Naples, Florida

When you’re starving where do you go in Naples FL?

If you want to go to a good and fast pizza you need to check out Peppi’s Pizzeria because it’s the place to be.

The thin-crust pizzas were cooked to perfection and the platters were just as delicious. The staff was friendly and always seemed to be in a good mood, despite the fact that they were often rushed off their feet.

Whenever you go there you will feel like part of the family.

Here’s why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • Fantastic thin crust pizza
  • Always fresh ingredients
  • White pizza is to die for
  • Staff are always willing to help and go the extra mile
  • Great place for a quick bite or a long meal

Address: 4111 Tamiami Trail N, Naples Florida

#6 The Crust Pizza – Best Pizza Naples Florida Delivery

We were out sightseeing so we worked up quite an appetite.

When we saw the pizza on the menu we decided to order it. The crust was thin and crispy, and the sauce was delicious. The pizza was cut into tiny pieces, which made it easy to eat. We all enjoyed it.

It was the perfect meal to end a perfect day. We would definitely recommend this pizza place to anyone visiting Naples Florida.

Here’s why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • The Crust Pizza has a variety of pizzas to choose from, and they are all fantastic.
  • Their sauce is creamy and delicious, and the crust is thin and crispy.
  • The pizza is cut into tiny pieces, making it the perfect size for a small snack or a full meal.

Address: 8004 Trail Blvd, Naples Florida

#7 Jet’s Pizza – Best Pizza Near Me

If it’s been a long day and you don’t feel like getting a full course meal just order from Jet’s Pizza. They are the best at takeout in Naples FL.

I was impressed by the text-based ordering system. You could get 20% off your order if you texted them, and the staff was really nice. The pizza itself was Detroit-style, and it was delicious.

Here’s why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • The pizza was delicious and hit the taste buds in all the right places
  • The veggie Detroit-style pizza was just as described and quite tasty.
  • The staff is friendly and the food arrived quickly
  • For takeout pizza, I highly suggest this place.

Address: 9853 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Florida

#8 Cici’s Pizza Naples Florida – Best Napoli Pizza Naples Florida

When we walked into Cici’s Pizza in Naples Florida, we were greeted by the manager with a warm smile and a kind hello.

We could tell right away that he was a man who took pride in his work and enjoyed serving others. As we made our way to the buffet, I noticed that everything was neat and tidy.

The food looked and smelled delicious, and the staff was friendly and accommodating.

I couldn’t stop eating those pizzas they were so delicious.

Here’s why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • There’s something for everyone at Ci Ci’s Pizza Naples Florida!
  • It’s a great place to eat pizza with friends and family
  • The food is fresh, and tasty
  • The manager is on point and keeps the restaurant running smoothly
  • The buffet is always clean and well-organized
  • It’s affordable and convenient

Address: 2650 Immokalee Rd Bldg 300, Unit 2, Naples Florida

#9 Fabio’s Pizza Naples Italy – Best Wood Fired Pizza Naples Florida

Fabio the owner knows how to treat their customers right.

When we entered we chatted for a bit and he recommended that we try their pepperoni pizza with garlic bread.

We requested a half margarita with sausage and a half regular with sausage.

Some restaurants won’t do half-and-half. The margarita had large, fresh basil leaves, which were delicious! The other half of the pizza included excellent sausage as well.

The sauce and crust were both wonderful. Absolutely great pizza.

Here’s why it’s a great place for a having a tasty pizza:

  • The pizza is delicious with a great sauce and crust
  • The service is outstanding and the employees are incredibly nice
  • The restaurant is very accommodating and will do half and half pizzas
  • The basil leaves on the margarita pizza are large and fresh which add that extra to the taste

Address: 1450 Airport-Pulling Rd N STE D, Naples, Florida

The Best Brick Oven Pizza Naples Florida

The real pizza is baked in a real brick oven. Forget about microwaves and nonsense like that. Try one with a brick oven and the others will taste like salted paper. Here’s a quick list of brick-oven pizzerias in Naples Florida.

Rosedale Pizza Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out Rosedale for a great pizza:

  • The brick oven pizza is cooked to perfection and has the perfect amount of cheese and sauce.
  • The restaurant has a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a date night or dinner with family and friends.
  • The servings are generous, and you can get a great meal at a reasonable price.
  • The staff is friendly and welcoming, and you will feel like you’ve been coming here for years.
  • It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious pizza.

Address: 1427 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples Florida

BRK Pizza Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out BRK’s for a great pizza:

  • Naples is known for its pizza and BRK Pizza is one of the best spots in town.
  • The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and the crusts are delicious.
  • They have a variety of toppings to choose from and some great vegetarian options.
  • The atmosphere is pleasant and the location is fun to enjoy some pizza

Address: 6355 Naples Blvd, Naples Florida

Lowbrow Pizza Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out Lowbrow’s for a great pizza:

  • Lowbrow Pizza Naples Florida is a classic pizza joint in Naples that has great food and service.
  • You’ll find good deals on local wines, including many Italian varieties.
  • Brick oven-style pizzas and a wide selection of Florida microbrews.
  • It’s busy, but the staff is fantastic.

Address: 3148 Tamiami Trl E, Naples Florida

Runner Up Pizzerias:

Now there are many other good pizzerias in the area and I didn’t want to leave you starving to check out the 101 pizza joints in town. The rest on the list are good and maybe it has that certain appeal that will speak to you. Enjoy!

Joey D Pizza Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out Joey D’s pizzas:

  • The pizza is great
  • The staff is friendly
  • The outdoor bar is spacious
  • The salads are huge -> approved by my girlfriend who is a salad connoisseur!
  • You can’t go wrong with their pizza

Address: 3300 Davis Blvd, Naples Florida

Il Primo Pizza And Wings Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out Il Primo’s pizzas:

  • The pizza is made with fresh ingredients.
  • The pizza crust is crispy and flavorful.
  • The sauce is flavorful and has the perfect amount of spice.
  • Kids eat for free every Wednesday

Address: 2464 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, Florida

Mama Mia Pizza Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out Mama Mia’s pizzas:

  • The restaurant is clean and brightly lit.
  • The owner is welcoming and her son makes the pizzas.
  • The pizza is fantastic with a great mix of toppings.
  • It’s a great place to eat pizza for its atmosphere and food.

Address: 720 Tamiami Trl N, Naples Florida

Luigi’s Pizza Naples Florida

Here’s why you should check out Luigi’s pizzas:

  • They are not afraid to put the sauce on a pizza. Most places put just a thin layer of sauce; these guys put a thicker layer of great sauce, it is really good.
  • The pizzas are big and filling, perfect for a hungry appetite
  • The sub was a Godfather. It’s one of the best subs I have ever had! It’s not a wimpy Subway sub either, then this is big and just buries Subway, Blimpies or Firehouse subs.

Address: 2331 Tamiami Trail E, Naples Florida

-Mister 01 Pizza Naples Fl – Extraordinary Pizza

Here’s why you should check out Mister 01’s pizzas:

  • The pizza is made with fresh ingredients
  • The pizza has a homemade taste
  • The burrata is to die for
  • The waiter brought out spicy olive oil to go with the pizza
  • It’s a foodie pizza place for people who aren’t afraid to try

Address: 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #176, Naples Florida

-Charlena’s Pizza Naples Fl – Party Shop

Here’s why you should check out Charlena’s pizzas:

  • The pizza is delicious and always cooked to perfection
  • They have a great variety of pizzas to choose from, as well as sandwiches and pastas
  • Their specialty pastries are to die for and are the perfect way to finish off a meal

Address: 8595 Collier Blvd #106, Naples Florida

-L’appetito Pizza Naples Florida and Deli

Here’s why you should check out L’appetito’s pizzas:

  • The Stromboli is humongous and could easily feed an entire family
  • The pizza is tasty and perfect for filling you up if you’re starving
  • The vegetarian pizza was is so good that even I took a bite

Address: 2542 Northbrooke Plaza Dr, Naples Florida

Conclusions on the Best Pizza in Naples Florida

Wow I never thought I would say this, but can we get something else besides pizza? I had my fill for a long time.

As I promised I guided you through the best of the best pizzerias in town. You probably found the one that you have been looking for. Great enjoy that tasty pizza.

Maybe you can help me out? If you liked this article and you learned some valuable things please share it because it helps us a lot. Thank You!

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