Welcome to Naples Florida!

Hello and Welcome to the Beautiful and Exciting Naples Florida!

We have been to Naples FL so many times and it still doesn’t get old; you name it we have done pub crawling, day trips, museum exploration, eaten at the best restaurants and cafés & stayed in all types of accommodations.


If you want to spend a great time in South West Florida, then Naples is the place to be.

You see we are a wandering couple who’s Criss-Crossing the US and Naples is one of our favorite places to visit. This is why I’ve put together this article so you can easily access what you need regarding Naples FL.

Let it be accommodations, things to do, shopping, adventure or dining I have you covered. Scroll a enjoy this amazing city.

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Naples Florida Facts to Know

Naples City is located in South West Florida in Collier County. The city is known for its white sand beaches, bustling nightlife, amazing cuisine and luxury shopping experience.

Also if you have a keen eye you will be able to spot celebrities because it’s a hot spot for them.

From 1870-1880 it was promoted as a great place to live because it had mild weather and abundant fish. The first hotel opened in 1889 and the town had 80 residents.

According to recent data Naples FL has 19,115 residents. The mayor is called Teresa Heitmann.

Naples Florida Zip Code: 34101-34120

The Area Code: 239

Naples Florida Weather

Naples FL has pleasant weather all year round. Just take a look at the temperature chart below.

Naples Florida Weather

Our favorite time to visit Naples is during the “winter” months when it’s pleasantly warm. Plus during the Christmas season, there are a lot of things to do in Naples and you can snatch up some amazing presents for the people at home.

How to get to Naples FL (where is naples florida on the map)?

If you plan on driving, you just have to follow I75 it goes just passed Naples FL.

How to get to Naples FL
Where is naples florida located

Can I fly to Naples is there an airport nearby?

The good news is that there’s an airport in Naples, the bad news is that it’s private and no commercial flights are landing there.

Don’t worry I got your back. Here’s my in-depth article Find Out What Airport Is Closest To Naples Florida? Where I give you all the alternatives around to flying to the city.

How far is Naples FL anyways?

Depending on the city you want to come visit it can be a few hours or longer. I’ve put together a great article which shows you exactly how far is Naples from the most popular cities and besides the distance I will show you the approximate time to get there and a map is included as well. Read the entire article over here: how far is Naples Florida from me.

Accommodations options in Naples Florida

Which are the best hotels on the beach in Naples FL?

The very best option would be the La Playa Beach & Golf Resort. If you want to check out the other 5, then you can read my 5+1 Hotels on the Beach in Naples Florida post.

#3 might even surprise you.

Can I stay in VRBO in Naples Florida?

Yes, there are VRBO places available in the city. As a matter of fact, I’ve picked 5 best of the best which you can choose from this article: 5 Best VRBO Naples Florida.

What can I do in Naples FL?

What kind of things can I do in Naples Florida?

Since we have visited this so many times this amazing city we came up with 13 ideas that you have to try if you’re in town. For the detailed guide, check out the 13 Best Things To Do in Naples Florida.

What can you do with kids in Naples?

Even though we don’t have kids, we babysit our nieces and nephews, so we have found some creative ways to spend time with them. If you’re in the same boat or you want your kids to have a great time read the entire article The 7 Best Things to Do with Kids in Naples.

Let it be a rainy day there will still be something for the youngsters.

How is the shopping experience in Naples?

You can’t go wrong in this city. From ultra-high-end to luxury and even affordable pricing you can find it all here. I’ve picked the best of the best and you can read everything about it in this post 9 Best Shopping in Naples.

If things get boring, are there any day trips to take from Naples?

Yes, of course. To tell you the truth, sometimes we go on day trips just to mix things up. It will be so much fun to check out this full-length article 7 Best Day Trips From Naples Florida.

Are there museums to visit in Naples?

Yes as a matter of fact there are quite a few of them. We’ve been to 8 of them and had a blast. You can check out my detailed guide called: 7+1 Fun Museums in Naples Florida, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Are there farmer’s markets in town?

Yes, there is actually 5 farmer’s market that we have visited. All of them have something unique plus they are open on different days. If you love local foods then you must check out the 5 Best Farmers Market in Naples Florida.

What to wear in Naples?

Ok everything is set starting with flight, transportation and lodgings now what outfit should I choose? The good news is that it’s mild to hot all year around so sandals are always in fashion. Since I’ve been so many times I’ve put together a comprehensive guide broken down to each season and each month in my article titled What to wear in Naples enjoy!

Fun things to do outdoors in Naples

Which are the best beaches to hit in Naples?

Since it’s a coastal town, there are so many to choose from but which are actually good? We wanted to settle this question once and for all and we have visited them all and we have documented our experiences here: The 9 Best Beaches Naples.

What if I have a dog? Which beaches can I visit with it?

Sadly there are no dog-friendly beaches in the city. However, I have your back I have found two nearby. Here you can read our experience with these beaches The Only 2 Dog Friendly Beaches in Naples.

Can I walk or hike around Naples?

If you love walking then you will be able to enjoy the city scenery on many trails. I’ve gathered the best ones right here 7 Best Walking Trails Naples.

Can I do some kayaking when I’m in Naples?

Oh we had a blast kayaking in the area. Not only did we some alone, but we have signed up for a guided tour as well. Plus I will share which are the best places to rent a kayak from. Check it out here 7 Best Kayaking In Naples With Kayak Rentals Included.

Why do they pride themselves as the golf capital of the world?

Well simply because they have so many golf courses. I’m no expert golfer not even by a mile and I still managed to find something to my liking. If you want to find what satisfies your needs best read this article 5 Best Public Golf Courses Naples.

Are there some boat tours that are worth my time?

Yes, most definitely. There are many boat tour operators to choose from and boy they deliver. From roses to great dinners you can have it all. Check out our experience in this post The 9 Best Boat Tours – Rides in Naples.

Can I do some airboating nearby?

Yes as a matter of fact the Everglades are just a stone-throwing away and you can enjoy airboating to the fullest. Don’t get too close to the alligators! Here’s what we have lived through 7 Best Airboat Rides near Naples.

Where can I rent a boat in Naples?

It’s a coastal town so there isn’t a scarcity of boat rental companies. We have tried quite a few and had a lot of fun. You can read our tales here: 7 Best Boat Rentals in Naples.

Where to eat and drink to your liking in Naples

Which is the best restaurant to hit in Naples FL?

Well, it’s quite hard to point out the best because everybody has different tastes. Either way we have put together a list of restaurants that we liked the most. You can pick a great one over here 13 Best Restaurants in Naples.

Where can I eat the best pizza in Naples?

Just thinking about pizza my mouth started watering. There are quite a number of pizza parlors to choose from. We have found these 9 Best Pizza in Naples to be the tastiest.

Does Naples have good burger joints?

Oh yes, sir, there’s no shortage of great burger places. Man-o-man I had the best burger that I have ever eaten in this town. Here’s a list of cool places to check out the 7 Best Burgers in Naples.

Which places are a solid choice for seafood?

Being a coastal town, there are many good restaurants that offer seafood. We weren’t shy and tried almost all of them here’s our tale 9 Best Seafood Restaurants Naples.

Is Naples Breakfast Friendly?

Yes and yes there are some great places to have a good breakfast. It’s the perfect way to fuel up before a day on the beach or sightseeing. Here’s our shortlist of places to eat 13 Best Places to Have Breakfast in Naples.

Is Naples Brunch Friendly?

Hey, we’re on vacation, so it’s perfectly fine to sleep in and best of all, we found the perfect places to have brunch. You can’t go wrong with these places: 7 Best Brunch in Naples.

Where can I find beach bars in Naples?

No matter what kind of beach bar you’re looking for you will find it in the city. We had a blast testing these out and these are the winners 7 Best Beach Bars in Naples.

Where can I find craft beer in Naples?

Luckily there are plenty of breweries in the area. Heads up! Some of them are so good that you will not continue your bar hopping trip check them out here 5 Best Breweries Naples.

Is there good coffee in Naples?

You bet ya. I’m quite sure that you will find the perfect coffee shop on this list of the 7 Best Coffee Shops in Naples FL.

Is there nightlife in Naples FL?

What kind of nightlife can I expect in the city of Naples?

There is more than plenty to do in town. Let it be live music or special events there’s something for everyone. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of things to check out called 7 Best Restaurants with Live Music in Naples.

Are there sunset cruises in Naples?

Yes, there are plenty to choose from. We have visited all of them and you can check out our top picks in this post 5 Best Sunset Cruises in Naples.

What’s the best place to catch the sunset in Naples?

Depending on your preference you can go to a public or a private place. Hey, better yet you can do a bucket list and visit all of our recommendations, and I bet you won’t be sorry. Here’s the link to the 5+1 Best Spots for a Sunset in Naples.

Special Events in Naples FL

What can I do on Valentine’s Day in Naples?

Valentine’s day is pretty special so the city has a lot to offer. If you don’t mind broadening your horizons you can find cool stuff nearby as well. Take a look at my article titled 5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Naples Florida.

Can I spend the winter holidays and Christmas in Naples?

Yes, no matter the year, this city has something to offer, especially during Christmas. Best of all the weather is warm and you can still enjoy a “white” Christmas in town to read more about the activities, check out this post called Christmas In Naples.

Naples FL Sightseeing Opportunities:

Should I go to the Naples Pier?

Yes, the pier is a historical landmark of the city and it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset. If you’re curious about the pier then I’ve written a full article and you can read more about it here The Most Comprehensive Guide To The Pier in Naples Florida (the Bad Included).

Should I visit Tin City in Naples FL?

You can’t leave the city without hitting up Tin City. There’s so much to do, and it’s a great place to hang out. We’ve been there and documented our entire journey enjoy it here Tin City Naples Florida – Here’s Why You Need to See It.

What time is it in naples florida?

Naples FL is located in the Eastern Time Zone.

DST started on Sunday 13 March 2022, 02:00 local standard time (EST)
DST ends on Sunday 06 November 2022, 02:00 local daylight time (EDT)

Conclusions on visiting Naples Florida

We have finally reached the end of our journey. However yours is just about to begin so put to good use what you have learned from here.

As promised I’ve covered everything there’s to do about this small town based in South West Florida.

Maybe you can help me out with something. Can you please share on social media what has helped you the most? It would mean a lot for me. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Naples Florida:

Is Naples Florida a wealthy town?

Yes, Naples Florida is a wealthy town. According to the data, it’s the 6th wealthiest city in the US if we consider earnings per capita. Plus it’s the second city when it comes to millionaires per capita.

What is Naples Florida best known for?

Naples, Florida is known for three big things: luxury shopping experience, amazing dining and food choices and active culture and events. Plus it’s a family and child-friendly city.

Naples Florida is also known for its golf courses. They have self titled themselves as the “Golf Capital of the World” since they are the second when it comes to most holes per head.

What are the cons of living in Naples Florida?

Here are the cons of living in Naples Florida:

  • There’s a rainy season so between June and September expect a lot of rain when the sun is not out
  • Rush hour traffic and not just. If you have to commute into the city it will get slow and frustrating
  • You need to get used to tourists because there are coming all times of the years
  • If you’re looking to buy a house brace yourself they are not cheap. As real estate prices are rising you might even need to spend 1 Million for a good house.

Is Naples a good place to live in Florida?

Yes, Naples Florida is a great place to live because it has a thriving job market plus the weather is quite warm all throughout the year, and if you love gold it’s the place to be. It’s a great place to retire while enjoying celebrity sightings.

How safe is Naples FL concerning alligators?

Naples FL is very safe. Yes, occasionally there are a few alligators that are harmless. Now if you want to see real live ones in safety, check out this post  Best Places Where To See Alligators In Naples Florida and you can feel some excitement to spice up your life.

What is the population of naples florida?

According to the latest census projections there are 19,031 people in Naples Florida.

how many people live in naples florida?

According to the 2020 projections there are 21,750 people living in Naples Florida

what is the racial makeup of naples florida?

According to the 2020 census the racial makeup of Naples Florida is as follows:

  • 89.39% White/Caucasian
  • 4.97% Hispanic/Latino
  • 2.59% Black/African American
  • 1.56% Mixed/Multi Racial
  • 0.99% Asian

how many millionaires live in naples florida?

Currently there are 12,300 millionaires living in Naples Florida

How big is naples florida?

Naples Florida occupies 12.30 sq miles.

What is the water temperature in Naples florida?

Currently the water temperature is 87 degrees. Special thanks to Surf-Forecast.com

what is the water temperature in naples florida

when is high tide in naples florida?

Since the high tide time is changing check out this chart: usharbors.com/harbor/florida/naples-fl/tides/

when is low tide naples fl?

There are two low tides in a day and since the time changes you need to consult this chart: usharbors.com/harbor/florida/naples-fl/tides/

when was naples florida founded?

Naples Florida was founded in 1886 the 6th of November. It was incorporated as a town in 1923 1st of December. And it was incorporated as a city in 1949 on the 25th of May.

how warm is naples florida in december?

Naples Florida is quite warm in December. The Average Low temperature is 56° F; The Average High Temperature is 78° F and the average water temperature is 68° F.

where is old naples florida?

Old Naples Florida is the historical neighborhood of Naples. This area is filled with old houses from the ears of the past. Check out the map below for more information.

where is old naples florida

what is the average temperature in naples florida in january?

The average High Temperature in January is 76° F the average low temperature is 53° F and the average water temperature is 66° F.

what is the elevation of naples florida?

3ft (1 meter) is the elevation of Naples Florida.

how many sunny days in naples fl?

There are 264 sunny days in Naples Fl.

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